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Bees Gone Bonkers!

These overworked bees are losing their tiny minds, only you can help them out!
Bees Gone Bonkers is a very simple, fun, and addictive game.

Genre: Arcade / Puzzle

A bee's life isn't all honey and roses! Get this beehive in order by filling up the screen with honey, fruits, bubbles... whatever gets the job done! Just don't let them pop!

Bees Gone Bonkers! is a simple but very exciting and addictive game, featuring:

  • A total of 87 exciting and increasingly challenging levels!
  • Employ different tactics when dealing with up to 6 different kinds of bees!
  • Hop on a journey with the bees to the grocery store, a local sports shop, the amusement park, under the sea, and even to outer space!

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